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1991 hino ranger fc3h FD3H crane truck for sale japan

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1987 hino ranger crane truck GD175BA 6.7 diesel 6720cc MT.

Good working condition.

1987 hino ranger crane truck GD175BA 6.7 diesel 6720cc for sale japan

No leaks crane


1987 hino ranger crane truck GD175BA 6.7 diesel 6720cc for sale japan

Clutch good


1987 hino ranger crane truck GD175BA 6.7 diesel 6720cc for sale japan


1993 hino ranger crane truck model:FD3H 7,400cc diesel.

240,000km around. good working condition.

6MT 3 stage boom crane.




fob Japan Yen1,520,000.-



1991 hino ranger crane truck sale,

model:fc3h, 7400cc diesel. 400,000km around.

good working condition; truck and crane.






This 1987 hino crane truck sold–fob Japan Yen1,400,000.-

3 stage boom crane. The photo as per down/


1987 hino 6700cc 3 stage truck craneSOLD ITEM.



1988 hino crane truck;







1987 Hino 4 ton crane truck 170,000km around.

Model:FD175BA Engine-H07c 6720cc diesel


Un-known buyers will not be able to purchase trucks via spot purchase note,because

Established customers first. Trucks transactions are JPN sellers Market, not buyers market note.



Used mini cranes  DIFFERENT HOMEPAGE  16 ton Kato crane trucks


Use search right down there

also UD 4 ton crane trucks  —



1993 nissan UD 87,000km around model -CM89 6900cc diesel MT6.

Air break, # stage boom crane.  fob Japan Yen880,000.-

(Photos available right away)



**Offer(Photos right away available to you).

1991 Nissan UD  atlas 4 ton crane truck 3.5D 120,000km around. 4 stage boom

Crane functions–290V-turbo with out rigger. front body portion a bit dented.

Model SGH40–diesel. MT.



1990 Nissan UD CM87 condor 4 ton 3 stage boom 3t,

Payment arrival be on time,please before that–estabblished customer only

CM87HE–He long size,a bit sit heavy as sea freight note. Estimates will be 70-80 around

AC breaks down–proably break-down cuase other reason such as evapolizxer]

except for site glass bublles checks.


1990 Nissan UD model CM88 205ps 6MT 320,000km around


1987 Hino crane 4 ton 120,000km around FRR11HA 5.8D 6MT Engine 6BD1 turbo 3 stage boom  Truck mesurement 7.5×2.2×2.91m Air break, the ladoding bed bad.

fob Japan Yen1,000,000.- + sea freight(your place)


kato truck crane NIssan sale japan import

Hino crane truck, Nissan-UD crane trucks are existed, so use search box in the first page



Kato truck crane,


NIssan UD truck

Kato truck crane–crane kato

NIssan UD truck