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USED SEARCH BOX FOR OTHER FORKLIFTS, BULLDOZERS  https://kuroyanagi1excavator.wordpress.com/   (SEARCH BOX RIGHT DOWN IN THE FIRST PAGE) ANYWAORDS PICKABLE  like this  http://wp.me/pCeQk-8c

3.5 ton another forklift


Year-un-known Komatsu 2.3 fob Japan Yen530,000.- ton

23 FD

e, then trasnported by roro vessel.

As long as roro vessel is available to overseas, only one unit sale is possible.

One units estimate as per under.

2000- FD20  fob Japan Yen680,000.-

2002–2.5 ton  fob Japan Yen970,000.-

1995 and down all forks belong to no year indication in the auction plate.

FD15-1.5 ton fob Japan Yen475,000.- 3 m side shift.

gaoline cheaper than that of diesel.


Our forklift’s birds eyw view from scrach, here



7FD25  5500hours 3m, 1,2200mm


You cannot buy only one unit  trhough 40 feet container, and please think about gasoline fork or propane fuel fork. some customer say only diesel forklift, and very long time for me to collect 40 or 20 feet lots units.

I know that you are customer who will pay to us, very apprriciative of that

alrady, but if you keep on sticking only diesel fork, probaly I cannot do business with you. Gasoline forklift 3 unit and diesel folks 3 units–this is

proballe business. We have tons of stocks 1.5 ton forklifts, and 3.5  ton are comparative ly  large stuff. If you are in need of reconditioned, mechanics do so to your entire satisfactions. Please step forward to the slections of gasoline and diesel for 20 feet or 40 feet container.

As for 1995 and up, cuation plate say year indication, while 1995 and down forklist does not have year indication in such caution plate, so year-un-known note as long as the caution plate does not say year.

FD15D  8700hours 3 m side shift-shift year-un-known,

Specially our location is near Port, so inland trasnport charge is relatively low-cost–you like that, don’t you? Lashing and vannings belong sort of low-rate which is supplied by Japan forwarding agent, reasoning that we keep on exporting container lots many monthly. Forwarding agent fee+lashing vannings fee, transport cost from our yards to Port.

All forklift had been inspected by our mechancis, all right–mecanically must be good. No-piston ring worn-out, fuel-injectors-good, cylinders good,

Kuroyanagi Shouten Ltd Japan.
#510 Castle May, 3-1422 Ueda-Higashi
Tenpaku, Nagoya  Japan 468-0006
fax +81 52 803 1870
tel +81 90-1417-1403
http://111kuroyanagi1.wordpress.com/  http://bit.ly/aF65Er http://bit.ly/Yqobg

E-mail only in INQUIRYin the first stage.
Later on call fine.


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